Sunday, July 5, 2009


Mark and I have gone on a couple of cruises and decided it was time to see what it would be like taking our kids. They were sooo excited and could not wait for the all-you-can-eat ice cream and the buffets. Brock was hoping the boat was big enough that sharks could not get us. Zachary and Garrett could not wait to go down the big slide. Mark, Taylor and I could not wait to relax .....


We met up with our friends the Sowards and along with the Oelrich's headed to the San Diego Zoo. The double decker bus tour was very informative and we were able to see a lot. It was really cold and our kids were tired of walking. Mark ended up pushing the boys in the stroller most of the time. We saw a lot of animals, but could not wait to get back to the hotel and drink some hot chocolate.


We had a great time at Disneyland and California Adventure. Taylor, Garrett, Zachary and Brock got Mickey & Minnie Mouse Ears. Megan Warner came with the Oelrich's to help with their kids. It was fun to have her with us on the trip, but it was time to say good-bye and move onto our next adventure.

California Adventure

More Fun times at Disneyland and California Adventure. Brock went on all of the rides at California adventure. He was a great sport, especially since he did not want to go on any of them. They were too scary.....


The next destination was Disneyland!! We were one of the first in line. We met up with our cousins (The Oelrich's) and had a great day. We were able to go on a lot of the rides and even had lunch with the Isom's.

Guitar Hero, Coloring Easter Eggs, Playing with the dog, and hunting for Easter Eggs, does it get much better than that????


Taylor and Justin babysat while Craig, Laura, Mark & I went on a date Saturday night. We thought it was pretty funny that they were sitting on the couch and texting each other instead of talking face to face.


We flew into San Diego and went to our good friends' the PORTERS. We spent Easter at their house. We had a great time!! Craig and Laura planned a wonderful dinner and a fantastic Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. It was sooo nice seeing them again. Mark grew up with Craig and we have really enjoyed their friendship over the years. We could not have asked for a more perfect EASTER and start to our family vacation.


Our family was really excited for Spring Break this year!!! We had planned for a long time to go to Disneyland and a short Cruise. So we packed up and headed to the San Jose airport......

Brock's Easter Egg Hunt

Brock was soooo excited for the Easter Egg Hunt that his Kindergarten Class had. He made cute Easter Bunny Ears and they all went outside for the BIG HUNT!!


Our garden is finally planted! Yeah!! There was a little bit of moaning and groaning, but in the end we are happy to finally have it done. Mark built planter boxes and the kids helped pick the plants. The whole family was involved and as soon as we figured out how to keep the dog out, we were good to go. We planted the garden, in April and are now enjoying peas, lettuce, a few tomatoes and peppers.